A Universal Reverse Logistics Framework to Improve Your Operations
Written by Paul Rupnow   
Monday, 01 February 2010
This article was published in The Reverse Logistics Association magazine - February 2010 - Edition 20 - in Paul Rupnow's Returning Thoughts column inside the cover, on the back page.

How well are your Reverse Logistics processes performing?  How do you know where to identify changes that will improve your operations or your Reverse Logistics software?  What Best Practices are others using that you should be incorporating into your returns processing? 

In response to numerous member requests, the Reverse Logistics Association Information Technology Committee is assembling a resource to assist you to analyze your operations.  This resource is a Universal Reverse Logistics Framework Model.

The First Reverse Logistics Framework Model

The committee members have drafted the first Reverse Logistics process baseline reference framework.  The purpose of the framework is to provide you with a toolset to analyze your operations.  The Framework includes:

  1. A Reverse Logistics Model diagram
  2. An analysis of each key process on the diagram including:
    a. Process Goals
    b. Process Functions
    c. Process Metrics
  3. An analysis of each process by category such as:  Data Management, Process Management, Operations Management, Financial Management and Customer Management

Reverse Logsitics Framework

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The Framework Tool in Action:  Your Operational Review, Feedback and Updates

Currently the committee has completed Version 1 of the model which includes the Model diagram and as a starting point, an in depth analysis has been performed for the Receiving Process only.  After feedback is received from members like you, the Receiving Process will be improved and the other processes in the framework will be added.  The best feedback the committee hopes to receive is from members who actually use the framework tool to analyze their operations.

Details of the Reverse Logistics Framework and feedback contact information can be found in a wiki at www.ReverseLogisticsWiki.com

Good Luck!

Paul Rupnow
Editor of www.ReverseLogisticsProfessional.com
Also Co-Chairman of the RLA IT Solutions Committee