Reduce Your Reverse Logistics Costs by Improving Your Returns Authorization Processes
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Written by Paul Rupnow   
Monday, 06 February 2006
Are you treating your customers too well? Will you let them return anything just to ensure you maintain your happy customers? Will your Reverse Logistics group accept any returned goods without question? Do you think you are handing out credits far too often?

A solid reverse logistics program starts at the beginning with good return authorization processes.

Considerable savings are available through good policy and consistent, well defined procedures. These improved processes will also lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Appropriate gate keeping methods are available to ensure you are not accepting unauthorized, invalid and unwanted returns.

This article outlines some best practices that leading organizations are using to enhance their returns authorization processes.  Learn better returns authorization processes from SMC Networks, Seagate, Philips and Microsoft.

Read this report we wrote for the Reverse Logistics Association. Free registration is required.

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